Bridging The Gap Between Business and Technology

Dmitry discussed the communication gap that prevents effective collaboration between the business world and the technology world. For that, he proposed a solution to bridge that gap by highlighting the main issues and suggesting a common ground, some mutual intelligibility for the world of business and the world of technology, focusing on small businesses/startups and web technologies when it comes to the process of software development.

About Dmitry:

Dmitry has a PhD in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Digital Signal Processing. He worked for the Russian Federal Space Agency as Software Engineer for 11 years before starting his web development company in 2014. His passion is Asian cultures; he’s been researching them for the last ten years, travelling and living in South Korea. In 2017 Dmitry moved to Australia under the skilled migration program. Thanks to COVID19, Dmitry has stayed on the Gold Coast and now shares his knowledge and experience helping Australian startup founders and small business owners better understand how modern technology works. He feels he aims to help build bridges between countries and cultures using technology as a tool.