I Produce solutions.
Hi, I’m Dmitry. Computer Scientist, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur.
IT Problem Solving.
You have a system in place, but uncontrollable bugs continuously make you anxious?
You can't understand why the software you're using doesn't behave as you expected?
I am equipped with the knowledge and skills required to identify the most appropriate solution to your IT problems. No more headaches for you!
Well-rounded analysis of your issues and tasks with a sound analytical approach
Choosing and evaluating the multiple potential solutions based on your criteria
Selecting the best solution suitable for you
Jaimie Moon
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Trustworthiness is a reason that you're coming back to Dmitry for.
Paul Warren
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Dmitry looks beyond what is being asked or said and solves the real problems.
and Development
Do you have an idea for a new digital product or service? Would you like to know the best ways to implement it technically?
The first step is to conduct comprehensive research and determine the best possible development platforms. If you want to test the market first, I highly recommend the no-code approach. If you are confident about the market fit and have a go-to-market strategy prepared, we can take advantage of the custom development process. The result is a well-rounded tech plan for you!
In-depth research based on your idea
Determining the best technologies to use
Preparing the roadmap with a development plan for your project
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Now for me, it's time to cook my breakfast, and for you, I think it's time to contact Dima.
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I highly recommend Global Startup Studio to everyone.
IT Strategy Assessment
In many cases, company owners ignore their IT Strategy and don't even know what it is until they face the consequences of the underlying mistakes. You can't be insured from a strategic misdirection even using modern cloud-based platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
If you wish to take a reliable strategic approach to your digital product, I can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your system and suggest ways to minimize your risks.
Technical analysis to find the strategic issues
Detailed review to address problems like hindered scalability, low usability, bugs & security issues
Report and suggested plan of optimization
Danil Kislinskiy
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He can talk about technical things with business in a very simple way.
Helena Austin
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Dmitry supports and advises my developers and ensures that the correct strategy is in place.
It is the art of making a plan, then managing to execute it. You may have the most experienced developers on board, but you should ensure that your captain knows how to guide the team to success.
Talking about the Software Development process, there are many pitfalls where things can go wrong, both with agile and the traditional method. I have extensive experience in IT Project Management and can provide advice and support in your development journey, saving a lot of time and energy for you.
Determining the project goals and making the project brief
Defining the scope, deadlines, roles, and milestones
Preparation of the statement of work and guidance through its implementation
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He has come up with ideas and programs to help startup companies progress and grow.
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That approach and Dmitry's advice help our company save time and money.
Dmitry Khanin.
Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Worked at RPE "Quantum" / Federal Space Agency of Russia, 2002-2013.

CEO of Onix Group, a web development company.

Moved to Australia in 2017.

Living on the Gold Coast since 2019.

Ambassador of Go Global World in Australia.

Joined Global Startup Studio team in 2021.